Monday, March 15, 2010

Piano Musings

Everyone loves music of one genre or another and we all have a favorite song(s). Who among us is not instantly transported back to a specific time/place upon hearing an old song?

I have spent a few years learning to play piano (in a simple sort of style) and have a great time playing songs on either our piano or Clavinova. I intend on posting a few tunes on occassion just for kicks! Feel free to take a listen/download any you find to your liking! (If you have a song you would like to hear me play/arrange on the Clavinova...or piano let me will keep me on my toes!)

For those of you unfamiliar with the Clavinova, it is basically a Digital Piano. It is quite amazing, and it allows me to play virtually any instrument I like by using the piano keys. Flugel Horn, Clarinet, Guitar, Pipe Organ...even a Harpsichord! (See Below) The Clavinova also allows me to edit my music and make accompaniments and record up to 16 tracks simultaneously or separately. It is an amazing instrument!

Back to 1973!

Here's a little arrangement I came up with while playing some Andrew Lloyd Webber on the Clavinova. I used the "Harpsichord" because I seem to remember it being somewhat popular in the 70's, though not necessarily with this song...but after adding some "strings" etc., I thought it was an interesting mix. Click on the link below to download and/or listen to the arrangement.

I Dont Know How To Love Him (Jesus Christ Superstar)

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