Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Remember when....

Apparently there is a billboard ad campaign underway at Chevrolet.  I was told that this was one of the billboard ads up in the Detroit Metro area.  Way to go Chevrolet!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Clean Up

It has certainly been a while since I last posted here!  So much for consistent blogging!!  I think I may be out of compliance with some blogging rule or something!

To be honest, I never imagined I would be inclined to post my daily thoughts or activities as some do.  I have always been a bit "hot and cold", as I seem to become deeply involved/interested in something, only to find something else a few months later that has piqued my interest even more.  I have learned that I come back around to all of my interests on a rather cyclic I have learned not to sell my bike, or camera, or piano or telescope, only to find I really need another one a year down the road!  But, I digress.

We recently replaced the upstairs carpet in our 12 year old home. (We had replaced the downstairs carpet two years ago)  We had been planning on doing this in 2005 or 2006...then 2007...then...well most of you can relate.  When we pulled the trigger and made the appointment, we knew of course, that the upstairs would need to be empty so that the installers could do their job.  That meant cleaning, moving or relocating most of our home but, it would be coinciding with our annual Fall Clean Up, so what better time to get it done.  12 years of living, putting things in the closets (hey, we will find a place for that later!) and stubbornly clinging to things that while not irreplaceable, reminded us of moments in time that we were not yet ready to let go of, awaited us. 

As you can imagine, it was alot of work to relocate everything to the garage, Goodwill or the trash can.  There was also time spent smiling at the photos that were under the bed that we hadn't seen for years....our young children who have since grown up, photos of a younger couple with less lines on their from loved ones...clothes that don't my wife happily re-discovered.

We always do a fall clean-up.  Put away the lawn mower, rake up the leaves, hang up the bikes....make room inside for a Christmas Tree and the likely "too many" presents etc.  We get ready for the colder weather.  Nights spent indoors on the couch with a blanket, the raindrops noisily hitting the windows, as we enjoy the smell of a slow cooked meal in the Crock Pot.

This year felt different.

The recent trip to Michigan still has me wondering why I live so far away from the family I love.  I'm older too...not the "we all get older every year" older...rather an older that has to do with seeing children become adults and seeing friends face mortality.  A look back over one's shoulder wondering "what difference or impact have I made"?...kind of "Older".

We were able to get everything out and a day or two later we watched as the old carpet came up and the new carpet was installed.  It looked, smelled and felt like a new house.  We got down to the business of putting the empty upstairs back together.  Up came the familiar bed and couch...the clothes that had survived...books both read and unread.  I re-lived, by way of brief snapshots in my mind's eye, the 12 years that we had spent in our home.  So many memories.

As I sorted pictures, hung up my daughters 4th Grade artwork in my home office, put away a binder containing Ronald Reagan's Photo and a few of his speeches, (that I had assembled upon his death for my daughter to read when she is an adult) and re-discovered the hand knitted 8 ft x 6 ft Afghan (think knitted blanket) my sister had made me many years ago, I admit, I felt a bit nostalgic.

So many things had changed or perhaps it is more accurate to say, so many things had happened...since we walked into that brand new house in 1998.  It is a common experience.  Sobering, joyful, sad and reflective...all at the same time. 

Yeah, I think too much.  

And, since we have cleaned and gone through the whole house,  we might as well get the yard cleaned up...I mean, there are leaves everywhere and the grass is too long....and we need to cover up the outdoor furniture....geeez, I should have stained the "Big Toy" and pressure washed the driveway, and I meant to trim those darn trees that have gotten way too big!

I think I will do year.