The Photo Page

Below you will find a selection of photos that I find personally satisfying.  Many of the photos elsewhere on my blog depict events, landmarks, or sights that help tell a story and I include them even if I am horrified by their lack of proper composition and technical merits!  The photos on this page are those I am most comfortable with as a photographer.  Enjoy! 

Capitol Building

The Washington State Capitol Building at dusk.  

Seattle Panorama

A panoramic view of the Seattle skyline at dusk.  I prefer the b/w, but figured why not post both!?

Tacoma Waterfront

A view of "Old Town" Tacoma, with Mt Rainier looming large in the background.

Winter "Paradise"

Taken at Paradise, Mt Rainier National Park.  

Browns Point

A couple of photos taken from Brown's Point, in Tacoma.  I went there looking for a different angle from which to capture Mt Rainier.  The view of Mt Ranier was "ehhhhhh", so why waste the great evening lighting!

 Seattle Skyline From Alki 

 An impromptu shot of Seattle at night, from Alki Beach.

Senior Photo Shoot  (Haley)


Downtown Tacoma Area At Night

A few shots of the Downtown area of Tacoma, at night.  These were taken for a client that wanted several individual photos of the area, to display as a wall arrangement in her downtown residence.  

Chihuly Glass

Some of the Chihuly Glass that lines the walls of a "tunnel", as you walk across the pedestrian bridge between Union Station and the Glass Museum in Tacoma, WA.

Washington State History Museum 

A night view of the fantastic architecture found at one of the entrances to the Washington State history Museum in Tacoma, WA

Setting Sun From Windy Ridge

A setting sun, shot from atop the Windy Ridge viewpoint at Mt St Helens.  Part of Spirit Lake is in the foreground.

The Constellation Orion

A quick Astrophotograph of the constellation Orion.  Tripod mounted Canon XS DSLR, several 5 second exposures stacked and processed.  Look south/southwest in the early evening sky to find this large and very recognizable constellation.

Who Needs A Bridge!?

Remember when you would rather chance it on some rocks rather than take the bridge?  Captured these kids while taking a break from a Family photo shoot this past fall.  Lucky shot...some things never change it seems!

Seattle Night Skyline Updated!

A couple of updated photos of Seattle at night, taken this past summer from Kerry Park

The Astoria Bridge

A view of Astoria from the Washington side of the Astoria Bridge.

Portland Tracks

I just liked the dark "alley" like appearance of these tracks running through a section of downtown Portland, OR.  The "just off the beaten path" nature of this area seems to suggest mischief and discreet rendezvous!

 Multnomah Falls

This photo has been taken by a million people, a million times over.  Still, I wanted to try for a reasonably good snapshot of my own, while vacationing this past summer

Lime Kiln Lighthouse

A couple of photos of an old Lighthouse in the San Juan Islands


 Twilight Puppy

After wearing herself out, (as well as the rest of us) the latest addition to our family, Bella, takes a nap!


Tacoma Night Skyline

A couple of pictures showing off Tacoma's Docks and Downtown area at night.  One view is somewhat "crowded" with familiar landmarks and the other is a bit more calm and subdued.  The photos are quite literally taken from opposite directions, from opposing bridges!  Both show a rather pretty side of the "blue collar port town" of Tacoma.

Puppy Trio!

Three of the 7 beautiful puppies that our dog "Luna" had some time ago.  We wish we could have kept every one of them!


The following are some really nice portraits that I have had the pleasure of taking.  They range from casual and fun, to "business" and "location"...even candid.  Some were taken with a DSLR, while a few others were "point and shoot" portraits, heck the black and white photo was taken with a 40 year old, Yashica "Twins Lens Reflex" camera...for you old school photographers in the know!




Shooting The Moon

This photo was taken through a Meade ETX-70 Telescope using an LPI imager. (Think small webcam of sorts)  Similar to the view one would get using 10x binoculars, it gives a pleasing view of the waning moon.  It is best viewed at its smallish scale here on the page, as it is a 640 x 480 size image. (Not even 1 megapixel)

The Super Sherpa

While not a great "technical" photo, I am partial to this shot of my trusty "mule" in the foreground of the Frank Russell building, in downtown Tacoma.  This unassuming little adventure bike has taken me on some great trips throughout the country and is seen here cleaned up and ready to take me around town for some photo opportunities!  The real trick to this photo (and any photo of buildings/architecture) is keeping all the windows and the lines they create, perfectly straight on the vertical and horizontal.   

Candid Group Portrait

An impromptu "Group Shot" of friends and family!  I am taking credit for this pic, even though I am in it, since I set it up and directed the angle etc, to include the railing in the foreground that leads one's eye to the group!

"Tunnel View" Yosemite Valley

"El Capitan" on the left, "Half Dome" in the distant center and Bridal Veil Falls on the right.  It hard to show with a camera, just how utterly enormous Yosemite Valley is!

 Ocean Shores Planter

Just some flowers that our daughter put in a cup filled with sand!   

Mom and Daughter

The first photo her was taken on a camping trip near Cougar, WA 7 or 8 years ago...The second photo was taken at Ruby Beach on the coast of WA, 8 or 9 years ago.  I have always liked these photos and both have a similar theme.  And...both were shot in the fog!  They are a bit grainy and not as sharp as I would like, but the composition and subject matter make the photos memorable for me. 

Ruby Beach, WA

This photo was taken about 8-9 years ago, on a very entry level "Point and Shoot" digital camera.  It was probably 2-3 megapixels and it amazes me how far digital cameras have come since then.  This is a nice little day hike north of Klaloch on the WA coast.  It is worth seeing, as it is (in my opinion) one of the most scenic beaches in WA.

The Virgin Narrows Hike

This photo was taken during a backpacking trip to Zion National Park a couple years ago.  One of the guys (Brandon) came up with/planned a trip out to Utah to hike what is known as the "Virgin Narrows", inside Zion.  It requires you to literally hike the river, bordered by very high, steep cliffs. (There is no way out once you start) We hiked up river and waded through water as high as neck deep and as shallow as ankle deep, for about 9 hours.  The colors of the sheer cliffs and the surrounding geology was simply breathtaking.  I captured this photo of Taz rounding a bend as we hiked between 100 foot high cliffs.  Brandon?  He was unable to make the trip that he had planned! 

Planetary Combo Picture!

This is a collage of four separate planets I photographed in 2006.(ish)  They were imaged through my 8" Meade LX90 telescope, using a Meade LPI camera.  The scale that these are presented in this photo, approximates what you might see under very good conditions, through my telescope.  The From top to bottom they are: Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.  The tiny bright dot way out to the left is "Io", one of Jupiter's moons.  On a side not, I was quite honored to have Meade use my photo of Saturn in their 2007 Catalog, where it was pictured next to their LPI Camera, to show customers the capability of the camera.


Half Dome

Yosemite's Half Dome.  Nuff said!

The Ahwahnee Hotel

A look into the Ahwahnee Hotel's "Great Room" in Yosemite National Park, at about midnight.  It looked beautiful as I was out trying to get a pic of the Hotel with stars in the background.  This was what I got instead.


Mariposa means "butterfly" in Spanish.  This photo was taken in the "Mariposa Grove" of Sequoia Trees south of Yosemite National Park.  After walking through the groves of majestic trees, and seeing all the butterflies, it was easy to see where the place got it's name!

Stark Contrast

This was taken looking out the window of the Hilton, at Waikiki Beach, at a neighboring Hotel.  A stark "contrast" to the beautiful beach just 100 yards away!  Can you spot the one person in the photo?!

Backpacking Bliss

A photo that every backpacker will understand.  You've hiked up 3,000 ft, set up camp...and it is time to relax!  Taken on one of our backpacking trips to the Cascade Mountains. (Annette Lake) 

And this photo was taken after a day hike/climb up some neighboring, snow covered ridges.  Yes it was summer, but the snow sticks to the Cascades!

Missoula County Courthouse

Another "Architectural" shot, this time of the Missoula County Courthouse, in Missoula, MT.  I could not resist stopping and getting a photo, as it just seemed so "Grand"!  

Mt Rushmore

Taken on another family vacation/road trip, the iconic Mount Rushmore!  It is a simple photo/snapshot, but I was pleased with the composition. 

Crater Lake In Color

Taken just before a storm blew in, as we were on a family camping trip.  It is an easy photo to take, as the lake is just plain beautiful.  It is the "bluest" lake I have ever seen and the color shown here is exactly as it looked!

In The Groove

I love vintage Hi-Fi.  This is a macro shot/close up of my 37 year old turntable...more specifically the turntable's phono cartridge.  It was a tough pic to get, as I had yet to buy my DSLR, so it was shot handheld with a compact camera.  Took a few tries to get it right, but the result?  Well it's cool!!  Especially since you don't see many of these spinning these days!

High Jump

A photo of my daughter's boyfriend, Steven, as he literally "clears the bar" during a High School Track Meet.  Took several pics, on a grey, "blah" no blue skies...but a good photo as Steven shows great form on the High Jump.

North End Residence

Project: Shoot a building's exterior, and show it off to it's best advantage.  I looked around for a nice home, and pretended I was doing a high end "Real Estate" photo shoot.  I waited until the sun was just a bit to my right, but still facing the house to show off the texture of the brickwork on the house and to keep the dark "trim lines" of the house from casting too much shadow.  It is a beautiful brick home, and I printed off a nice 8 x 10 glossy for the owners! 

Seattle Skyline (The Post Card Photo!)

I always told myself I would try my hand at taking a "Post Card" worthy picture of the Seattle skyline.  After years of procrastinating, I decided to head up to Seattle in the Spring of 2012 and give it a shot.  I joined a host of other photographers as we all waited for the sun to set on the "Emerald City".  This photo was the result of spending a few hours snapping pics at various times/intervals.  My only regret??  I did NOT shoot the darn pics in RAW format!  Duhhhh!  Jpeg turned out "OK", but no where near as sharp and clear as if I had shot in in RAW.  Oh well, gives me a reason to get back up there and re-shoot it!

The Russell Building in Tacoma

Sooo I wanted to do an "Architectural" photo of a unique or interesting building.  The Russell Building is a very pretty building in downtown Tacoma, but it is surrounded by "not so pretty" buildings and scenery.  Getting a unique perspective proved a challenge, and this photo was the result of my efforts.

The Living Room!

This is a bit of a boring photo, but it was taken as an assignment for a Photography Course.  It really made me appreciate the work that goes into lighting and "staging" any interior photo that is for purposes of "showing off" a room in its best light.  Took me about 25 tries, and two very large lights to get what I think is a pleasing pic of our simple living room.

Off Road Paradise

Another TAT photo taken in Colorado at about 11,000 feet in a deserted mining town called "Animas Forks".  The bikes are center stage in the photo, but you can't miss the majestic Rocky Mountains in the background.  Yes, it was as pretty as the photo!

Location Portrait

Yeah, I know.  You may have seen this on the TAT Video I made, but if a location portrait is supposed to capture the essence of someone in a place natural to the subject..well Jim is a natural on a motorcycle and loves to explore new places.  I captured this before he looked my way.  I think it is a great, natural portrait.

 Ft Stevens Group Shot

An impromptu group photo at Ft Stevens, in Oregon.  I liked the layout, the steps, and the casual and candid nature of this shot.  yeah the sun was in their eyes, but it is still a great shot in my book!

Senior Picture Shoot

One of a few "photo shoots" I did with my daughter, Veronica.  Taken in the south end/east side of Tacoma, in the early evening, here are a couple of "Senior Picture" photos we took.  The first photo was taken with my DSLR on some railroad tracks on the east side of Tacoma.  The next photo was taken in our backyard amd the third photo was taken at a local library, with a compact "point and shoot" camera.  I was not pleased with the lack of "sharpness" with the 3rd photo, but the expression captured was natural, and uncommon with my daughter. (She rarely "relaxes" in front of a camera...I had to pretend I was "metering the shot"!)  I really liked the relaxed pic, sharp or not. 



 And here is a photo of her with her new nephew, Landon.  It was taken with a speedlight shooting through an umbrella, so we could get some soft and pleasing light.  As you can see, good light makes for good photos!



The Tachometer/Speedometer of the Mazdaspeed 3.  Looks pretty simple and I thought it would be simple to photograph as well.  I was wrong.  It was a good reminder that many of the photos we see are the result of careful consideration, patience and attention to detail...despite their deceiving simplicity.

Would be fun to get the same photo with the speedometer showing 155 mph!  (Yeah, it does 155 :)


Puppy Love 

One of my favorite pet photos!  We all take photos of our pets and i am no exception.  A few years ago, our female Siberian Husky ("Luna") escaped the back yard and left us for a week long adventure.  This was one of 7 "consequences" that arrived a couple of months later!
This was "Gabby", only a couple of weeks old.  I took a photo of each of the little pups being held like this, but I found the rather serious and contemplative look on her face simply remarkable.

Summer Vacation  July, 2010

A few vacation photos from our road trip to Detroit, by way of Chicago!  The first photo is a simple barn I saw in the distance as we travelled thru rural Eastern Washington.  The second photo is a storm we chased in Wyoming.  Third is a photo of my daughter Veronica and her cousin Hailey in a "House of Mirrors".  Figured the easiest way to capture their "best side"...was to capture all sides!  Lastly, a photo of the lighthouse off the point of Mackinac Island in Michigan.

The photos here are "clickable" (to see full size) and you may download and/or print them for your personal enjoyment!

Hawaii  March, 2010    

As promised, here are a few photos from our recent trip to Hawaii.

First photo is looking out and north from Waimea Bay. Second photo is a sunset looking out from Waikiki Beach. Third is our hotel (and the beachside bar we enjoyed some Mai-Tai's at) looking in from Waikiki Beach. The fourth photo is the view I had while laying on Waikiki Beach, soaking up the sun...probably a familiar view to all that have visited Hawaii.  And lastly, the required "Palm Tree's at sunrise" photo.

Enjoy the pics and as always, feel free to click on them for larger versions, or download for your own personal use.  Aloha!

Crater Lake, Oregon  Summer, 2009

Below is a photo I took of Crater Lake, Oregon in the summer of 2009, during a family camping trip.

On our first day there, we started up the crater rim to get some photos, as the skies were clear, and the sun shining. As we got to the crater rim, some 15 minutes later, we could see a storm closing in from the west. I cursed the sky, as I had planned on an afternoon of picture taking and sightseeing! I figured I had about 45 minutes as the clouds were moving in very fast. In fact, I ended up with about 30 minutes. I was running around, setting up a tripod here, snapping some shots there, and the clouds kept coming.

After 30 minutes the temperature dropped from almost 70 degrees to about 45 degrees. No I am not exaggerating. We ate our picnic lunch in our car as we sat near the edge of the crater rim, as it was too cold outside for the shorts and t-shirts we were wearing!

The next morning, it was 26 degrees out, and snowing!

Looking back at this picture, the clouds rushing in actually added somthing to the otherwise plain blue skies. In retrospect, that closing storm improved the overall look of this photo. Instead of being unfortunate, I lucked out!

As always, the photo here is "clickable" (to see full size) and you may download and/or print it for your personal enjoyment!

2008 Lunar Eclipse  Summer, 2008

This sequential photo of the 2008 Lunar Eclipse was taken with a Meade LPI (CCD Imager) through a Meade ETX-70 telescope. 

 I took approximately 200 separate photos as the full moon was overtaken by the Earths shadow, capturing the different "phases" as the eclipse progressed.  Finally, as the moon fully entered the shadow of Earth, I watched as it went from white to a ruddy red color right before my eyes.  It appeared as though someone had placed a reddish-orange marble up in the night sky.

I selected several photos to evenly show the progression of the eclipse from full moon to total eclipse and put them together as shown here.  It is one of my favorite photos.  There is just something about the contrast of the white and later, red moon, against the black night sky that I find appealing.  


  1. Ken-Crater Lake looks amazing. Can't wait to see some pics from Hawaii. Hope you all have a great time!

  2. Hello Mr Ken, forgot your last name! This is Katherine Bentley from Starbucks yesterday. I know I already asked you this, but do you or will you and how much do you charge for personal pictures? We are looking for someone to take pics of my son, his wife and my grandson. Just checking. Hope the rest of the day treated you well.

  3. Hi Ken, I have a question for you about my camera. It is a Panasonic Lumix 10 megapixels, the model is DMC-FS5. I tend to use the "auto" function often because I don't have a lot of knowledge about photography. What I would like to know is can my camera produce a high quality photo if I learn some basic skills and can adjust the settings manually? Or am I in need of a new camera? I always enjoy looking at your pictures, you have a lot of talent. I LOVE your Hawaii pictures, they are amazing.

  4. Ken, I'm glad you didn't get swept away by the huge tsunami while you were vacationing. Your Hawaii pics thus far look great and while I know you want them to be "just so," I don't think you necessarily need to edit anything. Love the sunset photo!


  5. Patti, hey thanks for your kind words! We were glad that it ended up being a non-event...but I think some people were dissapointed in not actually seeing a huge, destructive wave!

    Glad to see you are following the blog!

  6. Thanks Anna, welcome to the blog!

  7. Tiffany, your question inspired me to post a Part 1 and Part 2 tutorial for anyone wishing to gain some basic understanding about Digital Photography Basics!

  8. You are an amazing photographer. SL

  9. I love your photos!! I see that you say we are free to save the photos. Is there any way I could get your permission to use one of your Tacoma pictures on my website?

    1. Just send me an email and we can determine which photos will work best for you. The photos displayed here are "compressed" and will not be as sharp/clear as the original files. Thanks for your interest in my photos!