Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking Up!

2008 Lunar Eclipse (Taken thru a Meade ETX 70 Telescope)

Get outside at night and look up!!

Try to remember the wonder of all those stars, or that big bright moon, when you were a child. It's still there, waiting for you to take notice!

I will try to keep up on any upcoming and significant/interesting Astronomical events. I will also post my impressions of any equipment I use that might be of interest to others, as well as provide insight into starter telescopes that will not get left in a closet a month after Christmas!

Look for some photographs of the planets in the near future, as I will be trying to get outside and observe and photograph some of our closest planetary neighbors! My observations and impressions will find their way onto this blog as well.

In case you did not get to see it, the photo above is a sequence of "phases" that our moon went thru during the 2008 Lunar Eclipse.  The different phases were captured thru an ETX 70 Telescope, as the eclipse progressed.

Note* The above photo is "clickable" (to see full size) and you may download and/or print it for your personal enjoyment!

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