Friday, December 19, 2014

One Hit Wonder #3: How Long

Another One Hit Wonder for your amusement and listening pleasure!!

This is another 70's tune by a group called "Ace".

Many people really liked this song and knew it by heart, but could not tell you what group actually performed the song...Even back when the song came out!  

This song is instantly recognizable from the first few notes, given its unique bass guitar "hook"/intro.  It has a rather repetitive lyric, but I really like the strong bass line, the rhythmic synth/keyboard, and the great background vocals/harmony.  Give this song a listen and see if it "hooks" you as well!

How Long


Saturday, December 6, 2014

One Hit Wonder #2: Too Late To Turn Back Now

When I listen to music, or more specifically, songs...I am usually reminded of a particular person, place or time in my life.  Oftentimes, these are mental “snapshots” from my younger days and even my youth, as I still tend to listen to much of the music I enjoyed as a young man.  Why my taste in music hasn't stayed “current”, I really don't know.   Musically, I admit, I am stuck in the 70's and 80's (and maybe some 90's stuff?) for the most part!   I do venture out into the modern music world on occasion and find myself enjoying more recent stuff, but less than I probably should.

This particular song takes me back to the age of about 10, when I was “riding around” all summer with my friends, on a bike with a “Banana Seat”!  Riding into the 7-11 parking lot past a row of pay phone booths, to buy a few pieces of “penny candy”.  You know...Jolly Ranchers, Mary Jane's, Fireballs and the like.  I can almost feel the hot, humid, Michigan summer...and I remember the smell of fresh cut grass...and the incessant buzzy noise of grasshoppers.

Like so many of the tunes I like, this song has a strong violin/orchestral presence.   It also has a rather typical “Motown” feel, though this song was produced in Florida and not Detroit!?   The song speaks to that universal topic...the power of falling in love.  Although the concept was a bit foreign to me at this young age, I would appreciate the lyrics later in my life:)

The lead singer has the most unusual habit of completely distorting the last part of some of the words in the song.  It's a most unusual annunciation and for some reason, his careless addition of an “N” sound at the end of words that don’t end with an “N” for instance, adds a strange novelty to the song!

I love the drum intro, that leads right into the sweet, rich violins...and that crisp, simple drum beat and the soaring violins sustain the song till the very end. 

It is also obvious how old the song is, given the line, "I found myself phoning her at least ten times a day..."  I mean, no one "phones" anyone these days! (You younger folks, just substitute "texting" for "phoning"!)

The group, “Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose”, is comprised of siblings; two brothers and two sisters, and they have that “cool” 70's vocal harmony that was so prevalent in those days.  They actually had two pretty big songs, so technically they are a “Two Hit Wonder” I suppose?!?  This song hit number 2 or 3 on the charts, and got a ton of airplay on the local radio station CKLW.
 (Windsor, Ontario)

A good memory from the long past summer of 1972!

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Too Late To Turn Back Now