Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Christmas in March?

OK, I promised a new piano (or Clavinova) tune some time ago, but the two songs I am working on are taking me a while to arrange/practice.  So in the meantime, I thought I would post a Christmas song that I recorded last year.  Yeah I know its spring already, but who doesnt like Christmas!

It is a Vince Guaraldi arrangement of "O Tannenbaum".  Most of you know Guaraldi as the pianist behind the "Peanuts" Holiday Cartoon Specials.  It is his Jazzy arrangements that you hear throughout the "Charlie Brown Christmas", which is where this arrangement has its roots.  I really like his choice of chords in this tune and the way it sounds as a piano solo.  I liked how the arrangement sounded when played slowly, with a bit of "feeling".  So, thats how I recorded this one.  Nothing fancy here, just a simple, classic tune.

Click the link below to listen to or download the song.  Enjoy!

O Tannenbaum

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  1. That sounds nice Ken. I like it!