Sunday, April 22, 2012

Piano Practice

Ever wonder what I play when I sit down and practice on the Piano/Clavinova?

Well, heres a few songs that are literally that...practice...complete with mistakes and all!  I simply recorded the songs that I last practiced/played the last time I excercised my fingers.  With any luck, you might even recognize a couple of them!

I Get Lost


Perhaps Love

Friday, April 20, 2012

Seattle Skyline At Night

Seattle Night Skyline

I took a trip last Friday up to Seattle.  My sole purpose for going was to try to capture a "Postcard Perfect" photo of the Seattle Skyline at night. 

Never having photographed the Seattle skyline, I poked around some local photography forums and determined that the spot I would attempt to shoot from was a place by the name of "Kerry Park".  This is in the Queen Ann Hill area of Seattle. (Meaningless to me as I had no idea where this was!)

After a quick and painless drive of about 55 minutes (how was that possible?!) I arrived way early, as I needed to shoot around 8:30 pm or so.  I arrived there at about 6:40 pm.  I should have brought a chair!

I started taking 8 second exposures at about 8:00 pm and continued shooting until about 8:45, when the lack of light was requiring 30 second exposures.  I packed up, drove home and hoped I had captured a few reasonably nice shots.

Much to my surprise, the photo above was one of the resulting pictures.  It is truly a very nice photo!  I am rarely content with the photos I take, but in this case, I am quite pleased.