Friday, March 12, 2010


Crater lake, Oregon

Who doesn't like taking photos?

I have been an active Shutter Bug for over 25 years. I have gone from 110 film to 35mm to 120 roll film to "how many megapixels is that camera"?!...from dark room developing and printing to "how do I resize that picture in Photoshop"!?.....from Kodachrome slides to "power point slide presentations"!  I have, like many of you, ended up in the digital age!

Feel free to ask questions about techniques, discuss new cameras, or inquire about or post anything to do with your interest in Photography. Chances are if I don't have an opinion (and I will) someone else will certainly be able to weigh in.

Visit The Photo Page to view some of the photos I have taken, or post a question about photography!

The photos are "clickable" to allow full size viewing.  You may download, print, or save them (ie wallpaper) for your own personal use!  Remember to click on the photo to make it full size before you save or print it, otherwise you will be saving/printing the thumbnail!

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