Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hay Bales and Corn Fields

Well, we left our 1950's "Motor Inn" motel and headed east through South Dakota.  Driving I-90 across this state is a test of one's patience.  While the skyline and the open prairie has its charm, seeing it for 8-10 hours and 400 plus miles..while listening to the drone of pavement disappearing beneath you at 70 mph...has a way of wearing you down!

The most common sight along this route were the countless, large bales of hay, scattered throughout the vast hay fields    All I could think of was, "amber waves of grain!"

Finally, Minnesota!  A new state....and instead of hay...endless fields of corn!!  We passed many, many fields of corn...usually with an old farmhouse and accompanying barns/silos amidst large stands of trees.  They looked like houses in tiny forests...smack in the middle of hundreds...no...thousands of acres of corn!

We rolled into La Crosse, Wisconsin (Barely in WI) in time to hit the sack.  Maybe I will spot some cheese to photograph tomorrow before we arrive in Chicago!?

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