Sunday, July 4, 2010

East to Gillette, WY


We left Missoula this morning.  After a brief look at the County Courthouse (See above photo) and a fond look at "Finnegans" restaurant, (a classic family restaurant that literally spans/sits above a river below...where we have enjoyed meals on similiar cross country trips) we got back onto I-90 and headed toward Rapid City, SD.

We never made it to South Dakota, deciding instead to call it quits in Gillette, WY.  We just had enough asphalt for the day!

Between Sheridan and Gillette, we chased a storm for about 2 hours!  We were driving 70 miles per hour and finally caught it about 30 miles west of Gillette.  The storms are so clearly seen in these wide open states, and from distances so great, one almost forgets how large they are!  We felt the tail end of this storms fury for a few minutes before it moved south of us.  The second photo is what we saw during those two we gave chase!

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