Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tacoma Skyline At Night (With The Right lens!)

Soooo, I went back out to capture the night scene that I tried to get two weeks ago.  This time I brought ALL my lenses just in case!!  I ended up using the standard kit lens, and intended on duplicating the shots with my 40mm prime lens, as it is a bit sharper.

Well, I got into taking the photos and got busy with keeping track of exposures and shutter speed times and was simply to lazy to duplicate the shots with the better lens....again:)

This time, I took longer exposures to allow the lighting in the scene to light the roadways and water etc.  I was simply too hurried/impatient last time, to really work on getting the best/most flattering exposure for this scene.  This time, I relaxed and took the time to get it right.  I was pleased with the shot below and I was glad I went back out to refine the shot.

Tacoma Night Skyline

It is a significantly better shot in my opinion! (Even though Blogger compresses the $^@& out of my pics!)


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