Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Class Of 2013

2013...Wow!  I remember when I was in High School...back when the earth was still cooling.  The year "2000" seemed like just another Sci-Fi movie title.

When I graduated (much to the relief of my Parents) and walked across the platform and clumsily tried to shake a hand and grab my diploma with the other hand...little did I know (or even think about) at the time, that I would someday be the Father of a young lady, taking that same walk.

Veronica will be graduating in a couple weeks, and as part of the preparation, we put together her Announcement, or Graduation Party Invitation...or both...or whatever it's called!  It included a montage of 6 photos, one of which shows her at age 5 or so, the others were taken by me during a couple of Senior Picture "photo shoots" that we did over the past several months.

I thought I would post a few of the "Senior" pictures well as her Graduation Party Invitation...and yes you are invited!

Veronica, Class of 2013.

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