Thursday, August 25, 2011

Roll Me Away

                                                       2009 Kawasaki Super Sherpa                                                         

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit, I stole the above title from Bob Seger and the closing line from the old Kawasaki ads/slogan!   

I have been both busy and lazy over the past two months.

I took 30 days of vacation in the month of July, during which I stayed quite busy with home maintenance and know, the things that need to be done before the rainy winter arrives. I spent two weeks trying to get some family camping in and in short, we were rained out!! I enjoyed time off with my family regardless. Before I knew it, I was back to work. During my vacation I admit, I never even thought about posting on my blog!

I have continued to ride my bike to/from work etc., have enjoyed some photography and have purchased and listened to a few vinyl LP's from several local garage sales!

Before my vacation was over, I had found yet another item to catch my interest and imagination. After talking with a friend of mine for some time, about the merits of using a motorcycle to discover some of the rugged terrain and back country that I normally backpack, I decided to buy a "Dual Sport" motorcycle. ("Enduro" for you older folks!) I wanted to be able to ride to the back country and then ride INTO the back country, all on the same bike!

So I bought a nice little Kawasaki 250.  Officially, a Kawasaki KL250G Super Sherpa. I wanted something affordable, reliable and simple. This motorcycle is just that. I picked it up recently in Kaiser, OR from a nice couple that had put a mere 200 miles on the bike. It looks nearly new and is still not properly broken in.

Its been a while since I have ridden a motorcycle off road, and I am looking forward to throwing it around on some trails. Next spring (or maybe this fall) will bring a few camping trips, transportation courtesy of the Super Sherpa! It will be a nice break going from being my own "Sherpa", to using the Super Sherpa to lug my gear around!

I have motored around the streets in and around my neighborhood and it is a blast to ride. Saturday will bring my first venture onto some trails and dirt so that I can get a feel for the bike and see how it handles off-road. (As well as how I handle has been many years since I have played in the dirt on a motorcycle!)

Let the good times roll!

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  1. I would have never guessed this in a million years. Looks like fun! Don't hurt yourself. Can't wait to hear some adventures of Motorcycle Ken!