Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Regarding Immigration

The United States IS and has always been a “melting pot”. What this has meant in the past is that other races, cultures and philosophies etc., have long come to this country and have “melted into” the fabric of our Nation. This “melting” has produced a stronger and richer society in many ways. In general (in the past) these racial, cultural and philosophical differences have become part of the American societal landscape. Part OF the American societal landscape, not separate from it.

While proud of their heritage, many of our citizens (and I use that word purposely) volunteered to fight in our past wars, paid taxes and PROUDLY sought citizenship as they “melted” into the United States of America. They brought with them a strong work ethics, strong beliefs and strong cultural traditions. These citizens remained proud of their cultures and proud of their heritage. They were also proud to call themselves Americans. Read that again....proud to say, and tell their relatives, and in many cases simply and tearfully shout aloud after receiving their Citizenship, “I am an American!!!!!”
The “melting” of all of these cultures and ethnicities has been ongoing..it has happened slowly and there have been plenty of growing pains.

Fast forward from the early days of Immigration to 2010.

We now have Illegal Immigration numbers overshadowing Legal Immigration numbers! Illegal Aliens are waving the flag of their “former” domiciles while DEMANDING privileges, rights and handouts. They do not wish to call themselves Americans, preferring to retain their “National Identities” as they protest and complain. In short they proclaim their pride of their national heritage, even as they illegally enter the United States and suck our generous system dry of monies, services and jobs.

Many, many of these Illegal Immigrants do not wish to “melt into” American society. Many have little respect for our country. Many come to the United States to “get” not to “give”. They shortcut the established immigration policies and do so purposely. Their children, millions of them, become citizens as the result of their Parents overt, purposeful and ILLEGAL actions. It is shameful and it is being ignored in the name of “Political Correctness”. Lastly, it is hurting our country.

I am a strong supporter of Legal Immigration...IF the immigrant wishes to be part OF this country, not just live IN this country. There is a big difference.

I don't believe that becoming a citizen of the United States is an entitlement, I believe it should be earned. I have no use and little compassion, for Illegal Immigrants. I have simply met too many Legal Immigrants from a wide variety of countries and continents, that have followed the rules and have contributed to this country.

If someone simply wants to take from the Country that they hold “second” to their Country of origin...if they fly a flag of another Country in their car with no American flag to be found.... or if one refuses to “melt” into this Country's culture, traditions and language...might I suggest he/she stay “home”.

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