Tuesday, April 6, 2010

President Obama Smart?

I listen to Michael Medved on occasion. I find him to be very well read, and a very well informed student of history. I believe him to be conservative in most of his views and outlooks. I also find him to be a committed Republican loyal to that side of the aisle, even at the expense of fairness, independent thinking, and options that exclude anything other than the “two party system”. Nonetheless, I believe him to be be patriotic, conservative and a positive voice in the defense of freedom, constitutionality and the American way of life.

Recently, I have heard him attempt to defend a position that I find puzzling. (as have a few others that have called into his show) His assertion is that President Obama is a “Very Smart” man, that is not “purposefully” harming or damaging our Country. He states that President Obama is simply “misguided” by liberal ideology.  Michael then asserts that the overwhelming majority of the Presidents decisions, plans and visions are wrong and detrimental to the Country.  Can you say oxymoronic?? 

What puzzles me is why Michael tries to defend both ends of these assertions, when logic dictates that only one can be correct.  Either the President is “smart” (and aware) and thus is deliberate in his decisions, plans and actions....or he is far less “smart” than is generally thought and he is a victim of ignorance and acting out of “not knowing”, causing him to make decisions that are seriously detrimental to the Country and its citizens.

Pushing a "Health Care" bill that the Country cannot possibly pay for without seriously jeopardizing our nations current and future economic stability, is not “smart”...its emotional.  I believe the bill became a "personal" fight for the President and his ego disallowed any "smarts" being brought to bear on the issue.  Subverting the normal process of passing the bill, when it is obvious that there are not enough votes to pass it (or enough supportive public opinion)...using “reconciliation”....is purposeful.

I think Michael, like many others I have talked to over the years, confuse “educated” and political "savvy” with being “smart”. Moving successfully upwards through the political system does not require a great deal of “smarts” but it certainly requires “savvy”. 

I believe the President is a reasonably bright guy, that allows his emotions and his social and political “upbringing” (and aspirations) to dictate his actions...to the exclusion of what is best for the Country and its citizens. He is not the first leader to do so.  It's not smart...it's scary.

I believe he is a savvy politician...and we have too many of those already.

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