Sunday, March 14, 2010

On Politics and Pop Culture

Do I have an opinion on Politics and Pop Culture!? You bet I do.

This is where the word "Insight" fits best in my blog, as I believe many people have little to no insight when it comes to these topics. I think most go along with trends, "popular" opinion and generally ride bandwagons, instead of thinking for themselves!
I apologize in advance to those ignorant people that might be offended by my razor sharp insights into these topics! For you folks, the line starts over there for the "blue pill", I took the red!

Our elderly, our Veterans and our Working Class (No...working on getting more Unemployment Benefits and Government handouts does not qualify as "Working Class") is what has made and makes this Country great, and it is those persons that get my respect and best efforts as I make my way thru life. Oh, and yes it IS a GREAT COUNTRY for those of you that like to bash the USA. The USA has repeatedly come to the rescue of modern civilization, and assisted those less fortunate since its founding! 

My next Pop Culture post will talk to the issue of our failing educational institutions...keep an eye out for it!

Stand up for the National Anthem, fly the AMERICAN Flag, enter our country legally and speak English.
Any questions on where I stand politically?

Oh, and please, have a nice day:)

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